Desiree Celeste has been dancing to the beat of her own drum for 30 years. She went from living a very standard American life, with shopping as a favorite pass time and living off of convenience foods, to taking steps to become more self reliant. With dreams of one day living in a tiny home, Desiree forced herself to reassess her lifestyle and belongings, ultimately ridding herself of nearly 75% of her belongings in a 6 month span. Since this purge, she ensured she built a life she felt productive in and proud of. Her interests include minimalism, zero waste, fermentation, urban homesteading, and Paleo lifestyle.

In 2016, Desiree began a YouTube channel to document her unique ways of living her life in order to educate and include others. Her primary aim in life is to encourage others to live life on their own terms and to create the life they dream of. The topics she speaks about in her writing and videos include natural body care routines, paleo cooking recipes, minimalism and zero waste, and alternative lifestyle methods such as hammock sleeping and life uniforms. She takes pride in expressing herself honestly in all mediums and is hopeful her audience is just as honest in their interactions with her.

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