Hello! And welcome back. It’s me, Desiree’ Celeste!

I quit wearing main stream deodorants about 5 years ago, when a friend of mine had breast cancer and she made mention that her doctor told her to stop using deodorants with aluminum in them. We happened to be working in a natural foods store at the time and had all of the aluminum free options we could think of! But, after a few months of trying out options, I found that none worked for me for more than a week or so, which is when I began playing with non commercial methods. Below are some of the things I have tried, and some friends have tried, that have actually proven useful! The best part is that you don’t have to follow any recipes and all are only 1 ingredient, unless you choose to add essential oils. These are readily available and cheap.

5. Coconut Oil

I know, coconut oil can’t be the cure for everything, can it? Nope, sure can’t, but because it is naturally anti bacterial, and it’s the bacteria that creates the smell, it can help to dissuade smelly bacteria growth. Simply slather a thin layer on your pits directly after cleaning and you’re set. Be careful, though, as too much oil will definitely stain your clothes.

4. Clear Booze

This was my favorite method for quite a long time! I bought high percentage vodka and filed a small spray bottle with it, then added a few drops of the essential oil of my choice, generally lemongrass. Of course, spraying on clean skin is a must, and reapplication after time spent active or in the heat was useful, but even after 1 application I noticed a difference.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is great for killing off germs, so much so that many people use vinegar for general cleansers in their homes. I actually wash my hair exclusively with vinegar! Test full strength vinegar on your skin in a small spot to see if it will irritate you, then dilute as necessary to ensure it’ll be safe on your skin. Use a spray bottle, add essential oils as desired, and spray onto freshly cleaned skin. Reapply when you’ve been active, stressed, or hot (which is probably all the time, ya hottie).

2. Lemon or Lime Juice

Ok, stay with me here. Lemons and limes are both so acidic that they inhibit bacteria growth, which makes them an excellent option for your pits. I have used both freshly cut and store bought juice, both work fine. Ideally, fresh is best because it still has the active enzymes in it. If you remove hair from your pits, this will buuuuuuurn! The upside is that if you can make it past the burning, it can help to decrease ingrown hairs, maybe even halt them altogether.

1. Scrub Your Pits

This is my current method. I skip everything and just scrub my pits. I don’t use soap on my body, nor have I for ages, so instead I either dry brush or scrub my body with a micro fiber cloth, natural loofah, or wash cloth in the shower. It was a growth process, but my body odor never really got out of control during this time. I made sure to start this method in the winter, when I could layer up and mask the smell. I also did (and still do) bentonite clay masks on my pits when I start smelling weird. Body chemistry, stress, and even eating or drinking something your body doesn’t like, will make the stink flare up. I have forgone applying anything to my armpits for about a year now and it still works for me, I love how simple this method is and how it’s worked through all seasons, hormone cycles, and moods.

What are your favorite stink stoppers? How do you keep your pits in check?

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