Hello! And welcome back. It’s me, Desiree’ Celeste!

Well, this is a post that I never thought would happen, but I felt the need to post a mini haul blog and video about my recent trip to the Denver Gem and Fossil Show.


I am definitely not one to shop for fun, I actually rather hate shopping, but I found such amazing deals on items I had long been eye balling, that I had to indulge myself. What I had been on the hunt for was probably the silliest and simplest thing, but all I wanted was a stone ring. I walked the entire gem show look for just a stone ring, preferably a rose quartz one. I asked many vendors, got many sets of directions, but couldn’t find these rings anywhere! After walking this event for four hours, the vendors were starting to close down for the day and I was lucky to find these rings right before the shop closed. I was able to find both rose quartz and amethyst rings.

However, during those four hours leading up to finding the rings, I found a vendor who was selling beautiful, hand crafted stone and bone knives, and also Himalayan salt lamps. While I already own a salt lamp that suits my needs, I have also been wanting Himalayan salt tea light holders. This vendor had some big, beautiful ones for only $4 apiece, so I bought two that looked happy together. They are sitting peacefully upon my altar and get used often.

Possibly my favorite score of the day is this Tibetan singing bowl. I have been obsessed with them for at least 20 years, practicing playing them whenever I have been close to one. I remember the first one I attempted to play as a child in a little shop in a mall with my mother. She was terrified that I would break it, it was so expensive! I have been aching for one for many years, but they are costly and I am rather cheap. So, when I found a vendor selling bowls at this gem show, of course I was happy to practice. The vendor noticed my enthusiasm over the bowls and gave me a ridiculously good deal. So good of a deal that I couldn’t say no! I now practice playing the singing bowl daily and use it as part of my meditation and Tantric practices.

In addition to the material goods, I also had some wonderful human interaction! I met a vendor who specializes in duplicating fossils so that they can inhabit more people’s homes. He spent quite a bit of time with me, explaining the entire process, even having me inspect some pieces. It was a really cool experience. I also ran into a former co-worker and her partner, which usually would have made me anxious but instead I was able to enjoy seeing them in a new setting. Truly, the biggest haul of all was being able to share so many genuine interactions with new people and learning so much.


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