Hello! And welcome back. It’s me, Desiree’ Celeste!

I have started podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, make up projects, and the list can go on. Have I stuck with them all? Absolutely not!

I have found that there is a strong stigma about quitting things. So much, in fact, that many people never even start for fear they may not follow through. I was one of those people. For most of my life, I have come up with ideas that I got so excited about, just to fail to take any steps towards execution because I was so afraid I wouldn’t keep with it and see it through. Then, I began taking steps to start my projects, learning to build websites, researching how to self market, and seeking out my resources. There are many projects I began just to quickly end for one reason or another.

The make up line didn’t pan out because it was poorly planned, I am under educated in the field, etc. Why would I keep with that idea, knowing it would just become expensive, time consuming, and stressful? So, I quit that project. Did the experience of quitting keep me from starting a new project? Noop, since then I have started a podcast!

My podcast is called Stoned and Spooked, and I’ll throw links in the end notes. I wanted to start a podcast in order to help reignite this blog and the accompanying YouTube channel, but didn’t know where to start with podcasting. I came up with a fun idea that seemed easy enough to begin and would enable me to learn the ins and outs of podcasting. With Stoned and Spooked, I get stoned while talking through horror movies, then attempt to review them. In starting this podcast, I have learned a whole new field of recording, editing, and marketing. It’s an exciting feeling. However, due to a medication method I am currently undergoing, I am on hiatus from the podcast. I just don’t feel comfortable mixing marijuana with my current 10 week round, which I will be posting regular updates about later on.

I find that it is imperative to start whether or not you can commit to finishing. How can you commit to something you’re not prepared for or familiar with? How do you know what will make you thrive, what will propel you from bed in the morning, unless you try new things? I can’t encourage people to chase every single dream that pops into their minds, because many won’t be logical or realistic. But when an idea hits you that excites you, that makes your heart beat faster and brings a smile to your face, start preparing yourself to follow this dream. Take the necessary steps, do your research, find your support system, bounce ideas.

If these ideas don’t continue to feed your soul, ask some hard questions as to why. I have quit projects because they were triggering to my anxiety in ways that didn’t create personal growth. I have quit projects because I am unqualified and personal research just wasn’t enough. In the past, there have been projects that I have quit because I got afraid of success, which seems to be a common reason for many people. I have also quit because I’ve felt like an imposter. I almost quit Stoned and Spooked a few months back for that reason. It was then that I set a schedule for my recording, publishing, and marketing, in order to prevent myself from preemptively quitting. It’s hard, being in podcasting groups where people are spending hundreds on a microphone, hours on editing, and some are able to make an income from their podcasts. Here I am, feeling like a fake! These people have their stuff together and I’m just a loser, right? Wrong. I record a podcast that I love, I have listeners and interaction with my listeners, which makes me a podcaster. The negative feelings arose from unhealthy internal dialogue, not from reality. In order to force myself to keep with the podcast until those feelings could subside, I set a schedule.

I guess the message here is: Try new things, explore your ideas and allow yourself to stop things that don’t offer you some sort of benefit. You are allowed to try and fail, to start and stop.

Here is additional information for Stoned and Spooked,

if you’re so inclined to check it out:

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