I fine tuned my bathroom this week. I don’t have a ton of bathroom things, but my big goal now is to have so little that I can pack it all into a bathroom organizer for travel. It sounds so crazy to me, compared to how much I had 5 years ago. All of those half empty shampoo bottles, a huge drawer set of make up, and unused nail polishes: all discarded. And now I want to simplify even more?! Duh. I love a challenge.
FT B 2My portion of the cabinet above the toilet, which is mostly items I am using through.
I originally thought about getting one of those hanging, soft sides toiletry organizers, but now I am wondering why I want to ADD to my bathroom! I am currently trying to find a physical way to dictate how much space I am willing to dedicate to my bathroom things. I thought about how awesome it would be to only use the toiletry bag for my things, and one for manfriend for his, but then I realized that this is my challenge and not his. I first brought out every single bathroom item into the living room, I spread everything out onto the floor and sorted them.
I had one pile for things that are trash only such as an eye liner I had used a few times but ultimately didn’t care for, one pile for things that could be rehomed such as a hair straightener that I used once and hated, a pile for things that would be useful in other areas of the home like a jar that I can use for food storage, and a repurposing pile. In the repurposing pile I put all of my lip balms that the texture or flavor sucked, healing salves, and a few cute tins that I didn’t know what to do with, I ended up cutting down the lip balms and scooping out the healing salves, putting them in to the tins, and melting them down to make lip balms that I would actually use.
FT B 3The space above my cabinet above my toilet, where I highlight a framed card from a friend,
my elephants, and a rockin Bluetooth speaker
For the items to be kept into the bathroom, they immediately got put into organizers with like items. I am trying to get away from having all of our bathroom supplies out on the counters and shelves, so organizing them while in a different room made it so that I had to designate an actual home for my stuff. I ended up with 2 small plastic storage containers, one with all of the cold and flu meds for the household and one for all other medicines, like headache medicines and bandages. I kept one zipper pouch for my essential oils. I have 2 small flip top containers, one that has our nail files and clippers, and all of my hair removal stuff like the epilator and my manfriend’s shaver, and one that has my accessories in it like handmade fascinators and my extra earrings. The items that I use often are in the over the toilet cabinet, like my homemade scalp serum, emu oil for my face, facial dry brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and vitamin jars (yes, I pour my vitamins into their own jars).
FT B 4The space below the sink, where we store all medicines, towels, etc.
In the end, I didn’t get rid of all too much, at least in comparison to how much I one got rid of years ago, but now it is once again the bare minimum of what I use and need, and everything is so well organized again! I do have about 5 items that I enjoy but don’t need and probably won’t purchase again after they are used, and those items are now in the forefront so I am reminded to use them up. These items are a hair cream, a lotion, and a few other gifted items that smell nice or feel nice but are not mandatory to my way of life. I am as excited to use them as I am to use them up and regain that space! Ultimately, I would love to get to so few items that I can have everything out and not have it feel cluttered!
Contents of my cabinet (that are not homemade):
Dr. Bronner’s Hair Crème in Lavender: Click Here
Nubian Heritage Lotion in Olive and Green Tea: Click here
Pacifica Solid Perfume in French Lilac: Click here
Bass Facial Dry Brush: Click here
Badger Facial Cleansing Oil in Damascus Rose: Click here
Crystal Essence Mineral Roll On Deodorant in Lavender White Tea: Click here
Pure Montana Emu Oil: Click here
SIBU Rejuvenating Night Cream: Click here

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