Helloooo! And welcome back! Last week, manfriend (if I’m going to talk about him, he must have a nickname, what shall it be?!) and I attended Anime Fest here in Denver, and I felt it was pretty successful! I have never been to a convention or anime/comic fest before and was very nervous about, well, everything. The influx of people, the thought that trash would be inevitable, the fear that I would go off the handles and want to buy everything in sight. You see, I LOVE anime and manga. I once had a formidable manga collection, which has now been scaled down to just the books I love to reread. If I could have a room dedicated to each of my favorite mangas and animes, I would have a mansion of diverse genres. However, I will never go back to keeping so much stuff.

To start off on the right foot, manfriend and I brought our own water bottles (filled with coffee). We had no idea how long we would be there, so I wanted to be at least a little prepared. I also made sure to bring my cross chest bag instead of opting for the fanny pack I usually wear when doing things where a ton of people will be around. Once there, I was bombarded by all of these beautiful people and things! I wanted to be behind my camera, taking photos of every person I saw, but dialed it back. I knew that I would probably not look back over those photos and would rather sit with the memory of being present that day. So, not a single photo was taken. But I did gawk at some amazing cosplays!

Manfriend and I decided we would be buying things that day, but we made the plan to be mindful. My first purchase was two draw string bags (pictured below), made of cotton and perfect for brussel sprouts or almonds! I, obviously, declined a bag and popped these beauties into my purse.


Manfriend also surprised me with a new Sailor Mars wallet that forced me to further minimize my wallet items, and it’s small enough that it’s even more convenient to carry! And I bought him a 4 print set of our favorite Studio Ghibli movies. I WISH I would have picked up the artist’s card, because there are no markings on the art as to who to credit! If you know who did these pieces, please let me know so I can drop their link!



I also got to sport my life uniform in a way that reflected my inner ChibiUsa! Overall, we brought home only what we found useful and created no trash, as even the lanyards and ID tags are being reused here at the house. I am pretty proud of my first Anime Fest experience!




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