.I often see minimalism and zero waste/low waste colliding, and I tend to see it most in the bathroom. I was about a year or so in to my minimalism journey when I started my low waste journey, and thankfully I didn’t have to make all too many changes in my bathroom to accommodate both. I see so many conversations floating about in my online groups about what is considered a necessity for what area of the home. I have compiled the top 5 items that I feel are necessities for the bathroom if you are trying to walk the blurry line between Zero/Low Waste and Minimalism.

One: Menstrual Cups and/or Cloth Pads: I know that I enjoy my menstrual cup and will never go back to cotton tampons. I never really used single use pads and see no reason for me to get reusable pads, but I included them in this list because they truly are useful for those who prefer pads. These options help by way of minimalism because you are able to have products that are reusable as opposed to single use, and with single use items you always have to store extras. This factors into zero waste because you’re not tossing these items, duh! You are able to sanitize and reuse for years on end, creating much less waste.

Get the Size 1 Diva Cup here.

Get the Size 2 Diva Cup here.

Two: Body/Face Dry Brush: Starting dry brushing was a game changer for my health and wellness. Since starting dry brushing my face, I have been able to stop using face soaps, moisturizers, and exfoliators. With dry brushing of my body, it has reduced how visible my cellulite is, smoothed my skin, reduces my body odor, and helped me to stop using soap, lotion, and exfoliators. The same 2 brushes have lasted me for years and are compostable. They are easily sanitized by spraying them with alcohol. I have been able to do away with almost all of my shower and cabinet items just by using these 2 items.

Get the facial dry brush here.

And the body dry brush here.

Three: Epilator: I have a magical epilator that has an attachable shaver head. I know that safety razors are very popular amongst zero wasters, but I feel like I found my own perfect solution. My epilator recharges via wall outlet and is easily cleaned with an included brush. My epilator removes hair by the root from my legs, which over time damages the follicle enough to not really grow. I am now at the point where I only need to epilate once every few months. The shaver head comes in handy for my bikini line and my underarms. There are no disposable heads, no razors to ensure proper disposal of, and one item takes the place of any additional pieces.

Get the dual head epilator here.

Four: Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is one of those One Size Fits All type super products lately. Everyone is clamoring about how amazing coconut oil is, and for good reason. One jar can do the following (and more):

  • brush your teeth with coconut oil instead of toothpaste
  • use as a defrizzer or hair serum
  • use before the shower and be able to skip conditioner
  • use as a lotion
  • can be used as a facial moisturizer (use with caution, as it may not suit your skin)
  • oil pull with it for superior oral health and body detox
  • remove waterproof make up
  • anti bacterial and anti viral properties, so excellent as a healing salve
  • natural spf of 8, good for a natural sunscreen
  • when taken internally, will act as a mild laxative

Get Nutiva Organic coconut oil here.

Five: Glass Nail File: I love my glass nail file. Instead of generally hoarding a ton of emery boards, I have been using the same 1 glass nail file for the past 3 years. Glass nail files can last an entire life time and then be recycled, they also close the nail bed as opposed to a regular emery board leaves it open. Closed nail beds lead to stronger nails that grow longer and last through much more nail use. I use my nails as an extension of my fingers, so this is especially helpful for me! I have 2 glass nail files, one for my purse and one for my bathroom, and gifted some to my friends who still are loving them years later.

Get a 5 pack of glass nail files for less than 3$ here.

What bathroom items do you find to be your essentials?


5 thoughts on “5 Bathroom Basics

  1. I know many people think reusable toilet paper is gross but it’s a must! It’s so much softer and reduces so much waste. Even if you only use it for pee. I sell lots of it in my Etsy Shop Jane’s Needfuls and all of my customers are happy to have made the change! It might seem gross but it’s really not. And reusable make up rounds are also a must in my bathroom, they make applying and removing make up so much easier and they are soft on my face. I know my customers also love them and find them a must in the bathroom as well!
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.WordPress.com

  2. Interesting about the dry brushing! Thanks for this list. I’ve been switching over to less wasteful products and really like finding new ways to save money and the environment. 🙂

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