About 5 years ago, I transitioned from wearing primarily high heels to going almost entirely barefoot. It was hard to get used to having to use my toes for balance and grip, my arches were so used to being cushioned that they now ached, and my ankles were weak. But I knew that going barefoot would help my overall health and wanted to find a way to help push through the awkward transition period. Would you rather watch what comes next? Click here for the video!

What, exactly, are Yoga Toes? They are gel toe separators that aid in the prevention and reversal of hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, tendon pain, and poor circulation. They also help to build healthy muscle in your toes and heels, equating to better balance and grip. It helps that they are just hella comfy to wear!

Starting with them was… interesting. The package says to start with small increments of time, 10-15 minutes, and then work your way up over time. At first, they legit hurt. My toes were so used to a narrow toe box in my shoes that spreading them caused some discomfort. But it didn’t take long to full appreciate the strength they allotted me. With healthy toe spread, I had better balance. Hikes were easier, rock climbing no longer caused cramping in my feet, and my steps were much more stable in general. Now when I where my toe separators it feels like a gentle stretch and I can enjoy them for the duration of a movie or while writing a blog! If you like the sound of Yoga Toes,  find them here!

For more information on my minimalist shoes and going barefootie, check the video here.

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