What the hell are peshtemals? Peshtemals are also known as hammoms and Turkish towels. They are large bath towels generally made of 100% cotton on hand operated looms, but what makes them particularly special is that they lack loops. They are smoothly woven and feel just like bed sheets. Peshtemals are just as absorbent as terry cloth towels but are softer and less drying to the skin. They are also healthier for the hair as the loops do not snag at your hair, leaving your hair with significantly reduced frizz.

Check out the Youtube video here!

I absolutely love mine. Once upon a time, I had 4 towels for just me. Considering I only hand wash and line dry my clothing and linens, I needed two sets of towels in order to ensure dry towels to use. Terry towels always take forever to air dry! Now, I only have four for both my mate and myself, since the peshtemals air dry in a matter of hours. I was also able to replace my beach towels, as the peshtemals are about 18 inches longer and 8inches wider than regular bath towels and any sand or dirt that may accumulate is easily wiped away (no terry loops to capture them!). I also take mine camping, for picnics, and use it as a light weight blanket for warmer months. Sometimes I even toss one around my shoulders to keep warmer if I need to check the mail or take the dog outside.

By far, I enjoy the feeling of my skin after toweling now. My skin feels softer now and less dry than when I was using terry towels, which always felt scratchy to me. Seriously, I hated the terry towels I had even if I spent entirely too much money on them, enticed by claims of softness. My curly hair is also hella healthier without the terry loops snagging my hair, making frizz.

Like what you’re hearing? You can buy THIS ONE for less than 6$!

Or even THIS ONE for less than 5$!

In short, my peshtemals have allowed me to get rid of about half of the excess from my linen closet. Ya know, if I had one. It’s nice to have something that is so ‘one size fits all,’ and can take the place of so many items. That’s what I am always on the hunt for, multipurpose items. My home is way too tiny to accommodate anything unnecessary.




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