The ‘Minimalism Tag’ is becoming quite popular right now and I HAD to do it! Rather watch? Click here to see my YouTube video!

  1. What got you started with minimalism? I was watching a documentary on a guy who built his own tiny home in a city about 20 minutes from where I live, and was astounded at how freeing I found his tiny home. I immediately became overwhelmed with this feeling of yearning for the freedom that I feel a tiny home allots. I wanted to pare down my belongings to help work towards this freedom, but didn’t know where to start. It was during this time that Marie Kondo’s book became popular, so I read and followed her method. Buy her book here.
  2. What is your definition of minimalism? It’s pretty simple, it’s making sure I am surrounded by things that I use, need, and love. I also feel like minimalism is not allowing me to be bogged down by feelings, people, things, etc that are non beneficial to me.
  3. What was the hardest thing for you to let go of or the hardest area to declutter? By far, it was my grama’s belongings. I had a very difficult time separating my grama’s memories from my grama’s belongings and, even though many of her items in my home were not useful or desirable to me, I felt ashamed of getting rid of them. Over time I was able to separate her memory from her belongings and I was able to see that I didn’t actually like most of the things I held on to of hers, and that I was not hurting her spirit by getting items I truly wanted.
  4. How do you deal with nonminimalists in your life? This is such a general question that I am not sure how to answer it, so I’ll try my best. My partner is not very minimalist, but we do share a space we both enjoy. How do I deal with this? By reminding myself that he and I both have the right to feel comfortable in our home, I do not rule our home and it would be unfair of me to impose my form of minimalism onto him. We compromise every single step of the way, we certainly have more things on display than I would like but I don’t live alone, so Imma deal with that. He supports me in the things important to me, and thusly I do the same for him. In the instance of going into nonminimalst homes, I don’t judge others. It’s not my home, so it’s not my place, I will never be that houseguest to complain about how much stuff you have. There are times that I feel claustrophobic or anxious in people’s space, at which point I just suggest going outside or on an adventure.
  5. What’s your top tip for new minimalists? Don’t compare yourself to others. Your journey, your space, your views on minimalism will be different from others, and that’s ok. I appreciate seeing bare walls, clear floors, etc but that’s not my home. My partner likes posters on the walls, we have a playful puppy who spreads her 5 toys around, my kitchen counters are rarely cleaned off since I am constantly fermenting or cleaning. I don’t own much, what I do own is mindfully chosen, but you wouldn’t assume I was a minimalist by looking at my home If I were to compare my home to others, I would feel HORRIBLE! But I know where I came from and I know where I am.


So, are you doing the Minimalism Tag? Because I would love to see it! If you have, please pop a link in the comments.


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