I only recently started creating content, I am only about 2 months in to this and feel pretty good about how I’m doing. But this is just the start! I really hope to expand on what I am doing now and improve upon the quality of content I put out. My goals for 2017 are fairly simple things, but I do have a couple of loftier goals that I am super excited about! Rather hear me talk about my goals? Click here to watch!

First off, I would love to start incorporating interviews into my video and blogs. I have had the excellent fortune of connecting with some very talented people who have had very different life experiences from myself. I have a friend who lived in the forest, I have a friend who is an herb and essential oil guru, I have a friend who makes her own extracts. I would love to introduce you to all of them!

I also look forward to spring and summer, as there are so many beautiful locations in CO that you need to see! I intend to do location videos so you can see the beauty I get to experience here in Colorado.

Once I feel a little more comfortable with content creating, I would like to start filming creation and how-to videos. I am still so shy that I can’t bring myself to have anyone film me yet, but hopefully soon I will get past that and be able to bring you fun cooking and creating videos.

I am debating a need for starting a patreon by year’s end, though I feel more likely that switching domains to a full service website may be more helpful. Further into my projects I’ll be able to make an informed decision on this. The big reason I want to start a full service website is because I will soon be introducing new projects that need more space and more web capabilities than wordpress can allow. What may be these new projects????

I HAVE A BOOK! I finished writing a book last year and am starting the process of seeking a publisher and getting it on the market. My big goal is to have it available for purchase by year’s end. I also am in the very beginningest beginning of the planning stage for an eco friendly, zero waste, food based make up line. I have been making my own make up off and on for years and always get such a great response. Considering where I am in my life, I feel like it would be really fun and challenging to find a way to combine zero waste and minimalism in a way that can benefit those of us who still enjoy wearing make up.

So, it seems like I have just the right amount of goalage for this year. I feel it important to make a balanced mix of big and small goals, and always setting a goal or two extra to really keep the fire under my buns. By setting these goals, I can make sure to keep myself busy and keep myself motivated. If you are interested in getting updates whenever I update my blog, please please follow me.

What are you working on this year? Are there any big plans you are excited for? Comment below what you are up to!



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