Hygge is quickly becoming the latest internet trend, and for good reason. But WHAT is it? It is a Danish concept of cultivating comfort and security in your space. So, kind of an abstract term, eh? Rather listen to me talk about this? Click the link to see the video.

How does HYGGE typically manifest? Traditionally and generally, hygge involves candle light, soft blankets, throw pillows, warm socks, fireplaces, warm tea or cocoa, soups, stews, soft colors, and great conversation. But hygge is deeply personal, it is entirely dictated by the individual and what makes that person feel cozy. I have watched videos where people cultivate coziness in the Laundromat they own by incorporating a coffee shop into it and comfy chairs. Pretty much anything can be made to be hygge with the right care.

I never realized how much we live hygge in my home. We turn the lights low and do a lot my candle light at night, we cuddle under soft blankets on the couch, I curl up eating soup in my round chair, I calm down from hard days by taking a warm bath with essential oils burning, and I start everyday with tea. My all time favorite way to hygge is when we have friends over. We never throw parties, no loud music or bright lights, we have friends over in comfy clothes, drinking tea and eating homemade chili about once every 2 weeks. We watch a beautiful movie, have pleasant conversation, and enjoy each other’s company. My favorite way to hygge is to share my space with those I love.

But now that I am mindful of the existence of hygge, I want to make the effort to mindfully incorporate it into more areas of my life. My first change was to start doing a complete clean down of our space before bed every night. My mate and I both clean al of the dishes, wipe down counters, put away any paperwork from the coffee table, and reset for the next day. My next change will be to create a Hygge Box, which will be for when my anxiety kicks in and I need a safe space to relax in. I have an idea as to what will end up in my Hygge Box, including a book that makes me feel empowered, jasmine essential oils to help calm my anxiety, and a worry stone. My next part of talking about hygge will talk all about what I end up putting into the box, so consider this just a part one!

How do you hygge? How will you incorporate hygge into more areas of your life?


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