Welcome back to Whole 30 Thursday! I am about to embark on Week 3 and I wanted to update with my observations of this past week. Rather watch me talk? Follow me to YouTube!

First off, I finally got bloated last week. But then within a few days it subsided again. I upped my fat intake and it took care of the bloat and the crazy cravings, which was a cool thing. I also am no longer struggling with my mood and energy. I am back to having energy during the day and sleeping well at night, finally! I have, however, fallen into food boredom. Kale was hella cheap at my local grocer, so I have just been cooking a ton of it for all of my meals! The most interesting thing to me, though, was further understanding my relationship with food. I was STRESSED yesterday, and immediately wanted nonWhole 30 foods. The connection between emotion and food is still so strong with me! Lastly, kind of a random thing, but I didn’t even notice my PMS symptoms. Generally, I get cramps and bloating (which may be the bloating from earlier in the week?) but this time I was just a little moody and then it passed in the same day.

Sorry for the lame post this week! Back to cooking for me!

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