My YouTube video recap on Week 1! Click here.

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Hey! I have officially accomplished 7 days of Whole 30 and I am pretty proud of myself! In the past few days, I have experienced no bloating and have learned something interesting about my habits. In general, I don’t eat until full, I eat until bloated. With Whole 30 revolving around foods that cause me no bloating, I am learning now what ‘full’ feels like. I also have been getting strange energy bursts late at night, which make me super tired during the day and keep me awake at night. Lastly, I have been having cravings. Not craving non compliant foods I used to love and eat prior to Whole 30. No. Foods I don’t even really care for. My brain is all sorts of off kilter right now, and I’ve been so moody that I can barely stand myself! Ugh. Please, week 2, balance my brain!

Check out the recipes from this week!

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