Whole 30 round 3 started for me today and I am PUMPED. I am also sick. Luckily, I have found some Whole 30 compliant methods to help me move past my cold in the last stages, and I am excited to share these methods with you! But first, some tips for success.

-I find that many people overthink the word ‘Breakfast,’ but that can be your downfall! Think in terms of Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3. Breakfast, for many of us, is sweet and full of baked goods, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Whole 30 is all about breaking the habit and building healthy new ones. Veggies for breakfast may seem odd, but it’s starting the day off right!

-Remember, there are only 3 necessary components to a Whole 30 meal: Protein, Vegetables, and Fat. Even if you are burned out, tired, hungry, and cranky, all you need to think about are 3 components. As suggested in the video, bake a chicken breast, roast some brussel sprouts along side them, and then finish with olive oil. That’s a compliant meal! Whole 30 can be easy, if you allow it to be.

-Have your ‘cheaters’ ready. Use the Whole 30 official website to download the PDFs that make shopping easy. Find all PDFs here for useful info on the go!

-Get support! I, personally, belong to many Whole 30 facebook groups that are full of supportive people. Whether you need a recipe, have made a recipe, want to connect with others, etc, reach out! Know your resources.

Now, as for going Whole 30 while sick, do it at your own discretion. I am at a stage in being sick that I can easily manage it with just hot tea, lemon water, salt water gargle, using my neti pot (currently 6 times a day), and using a compliant immune booster. I use Kyolic Formula 103 . And SLEEP! Whole 30 is excellent for booting immune system, as you are forced to avoid inflammatory foods and you will be consuming a ton of healthy veggies. BUT, if you are very sick and require meds, I encourage you to still eat Whole 30 way while taking them, but do another round after getting off the meds. Any medication prescribed by your doctor is exempt from W30 rules, but over the counter meds are not exempt.

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