Hello! I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. While I fully appreciate how cute some are (HELLO!! SOME HAVE UNICORNS FOR THE HEEL NOW!), I hate wearing shoes. If I could go barefoot at all times, I gladly would. But, I work retail, I hike rocky mountains, and there is snow in Denver, so shoes are a must. I downsized my 20+ pairs of shoes to only the 4 that I actually enjoy wearing, and 3 of the four are minimalist shoes. Minimalist shoes generally have little to no support and very little material keeping you from touching the ground. This type of shoe helps your body to fully understand its limitations and allows your body to self regulate. Since starting this type of shoe, I have better balance, no knee and lower back pain, and I slip and fall far less. I work retail, so I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day on polished concrete, this used to wreck my poor body, but now I barely notice it.

Getting used to barefoot shoes an be difficult, considering almost all of us have been rocking padded, lifted, arch supporting shoes that hinder our bodies from actually reading the ground beneath us. It is suggested to start off slow, an hour or so at first, and adding an hour at a time when you feel comfortable doing so. It definitely took me about 3 months to get used to barefootiness. Did you know that the heel lift on shoes actually shortens your calf muscle? So it’s not just your feet getting used to this change, it’s your whole body. The ache was so different from anything I’d felt before, but it turned out to be worth it. Over time, my body started getting used to this weird feeling. My toes stretched out and began balancing, my muscles relaxed, and I no longer did something called a ‘heel strike,’ which is when you step down hard onto your heel.

Now, I am a more confident climber, I no longer come home with an aching body from work, and icy parking lots are no longer terrifying to me. Want more info? Check out the YouTube video above for my video on my shoes!

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