Cloth Toilet Paper, also known as Family Cloth, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s reusable  toilet paper made of cloth, that you wash like any other cloth. Have I , personally, done this? Yes! Do I recommend it? Also, Yes! I actually really enjoy using cloth tp, as it is literally the softest tp around and I really hate the idea of spending my money on something I flush down the toilet. Wouldn’t you like to rub super soft fabric onto your hind end instead of linty paper?

So, how did I set this up in my home? I went to the thrift store and bought a huge piece of flannel for close to nothing (cotton, terry, fleece, and most other absorbent fabrics work as well) and used pinking sheers to cut the cloth into squares about 6×4. Pinking sheers make tiny triangles in the fabric they re used on, which prevent fraying at the edges and make these squares last much longer. Once the toilet paper has been created, you need to make a method of storage for both clean and dirty cloths. My clean storage is a small storage container that sits next to my toilet, and my dirty storage is a jar.

For clean up, I choose to hand wash every other day, but if you machine wash I strongly suggest to invest in a lingerie bag to ensure the tp cloths don’t get tangled in all of your other clothing. Hand washing isn’t nearly as disgusting as it may seem, as I make sure to soak them in very hot water with vinegar before draining that water and refilling the sink with soapy water. Air drying generally only takes about 12 hours, so doing this before bed can make for a fairly easy clean up.

Would you try cloth toilet paper? Have you already tried it? Let me know how you feel!


6 thoughts on “Cloth Toilet Paper

      1. I do! Best stool for pooping. Lol. I got mine on Amazon before they appeared on Shark Tank. I had seen it on Dr.Oz 😊

  1. I’ve been considering cloth toilet paper! I’ve always used cloth wipes and cloth diapers, so it really shouldn’t be too big of a leap. And yet… I can’t do it lol! I’m good on the #1s, but I’m not ready for adult #2s in my washer. Goals!

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