I don’t use soap on my body. But I’m not dirty. How? Because I dry brush then scrub in the shower. This came about because I have very dry, sensitive skin and live in a dry climate. My skin generally flakes and is prone to rashes, which has lead me to years of experimenting with soaps, sprays, and lotions, but nothing seemed to really help. Then I embarked on a new experiment, and it paid off!

Prior to taking my showers, I use a dry brush. It is a rough bristled brush on a long handle, which I brush over my skin in long stroked towards my heart. The whole process only takes about 3 minutes. Once in the shower, I use a scrubbie sponge to scrub only the areas of my body that are prone to sweating and create friction, which are my under arms, under my breasts, behind my knees, and my feet. My body care routine only lasts a total of maybe 5 minutes.

And what has been the outcome? I no longer have flakey skin, I no longer need lotion, and my skin is the healthiest it’s ever been in my life. I no longer spend entirely too much money trying to find a soap formulated in a way that feels good, there is no guess work about if it’s the new soap or the new lotion that it irritating my skin, there is no soap scum in my tub!

This is my favorite facial dry brush!

My scrubbie for in shower!


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