Oven Safe Containers Are AMAZING

I am in love with oven safe, glass containers with fitted silicone lids. I own a total of 4 right now from the brands Anchor Hocking and Pyrex. One is large and rectangular, which I use to bake chicken, roast veggies and make casseroles. I have a mid sized one that frequently houses meats that I cook in mass for use in future meals. I also have 2 smaller, meal sized containers that I use for to go lunches or when I have to plan for an early morning breakfast that requires no thinking.

I adore these containers because they are so multifunctional! I can cook in them, then allow the container to cool, pop on the lid, and store the whole thing in the fridge for later. Then, I can reheat in THE SAME CONTAINER, eat out of it, and store any left overs. They are machine washable, oven safe, microwave safe, toaster oven safe, and leak proof. I can also tote them to the grocery store and ask the people behind the meat and deli counters to just put my purchases in my own containers.

I love easy. I love simple. I require multifunctional.

These containers have allowed me to stop using plastic food storage containers, reduces the amount of waste I bring into my home, and have made toting my own, homemade meals around a lot easier.

Get my favorite here!


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