My 3 To-Go Item Must Haves

I like keeping my load light. I see plenty of blogs and vlogs that speak about a handful of essential items for their to go packs. I cut that handful down to the bare minimum. This is where minimalism meets zero waste for me.

First off, my bamboo utensil set lives in my purse. This set has a spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, fabric carrying case, and carabiner. The bamboo is machine washable, though I hand wash with dish soap and water most often. The fabric case is also machine washable. The carabiner allows me to attach it to whatever my carrying method is at the time. No excuses! This utensil set is lightweight and convenient, and has lived with near daily use for about 4 years thus far. I have also seen stainless steel utensil sets, but I favor the bamboo because then I an make it through metal detectors without people thinking I have a weapon! Like it, get it here!

I also rely heavily on my stainless steel thermos. I use this thermos for hot and cold, both at home and on the go. This little beast accompanies me to work daily, to all hikes, and even has a seat on my coffee table for my morning tea! Finding a drink carrier that keeps my hots hot and my colds cold all day has replaced many other drinking apparatus. I highly recommend this one!

Finally, the good old standard, the canvas tote bag. I use my canvas tote near daily, as it carries my work paperwork, lunch for work, extra jacket for layering, shopping for the day, or anything else that may come up. It folds nicely to fit into my purse or pocket when not in use, which is rare. This is the one item that it seems all minimalists and aspiring zero wasters agree should be in our daily tool kit.

It can seem impossible to follow through with our zero waste ideals when not at home, but I have found it much easier with the aid of these three easy to tote items.


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