So, I have been harboring pin hole glasses for over a year now and am still only recently using them. Pin hole glasses were originated by Doctor Bates, an old timey eye doc who wanted to find a solution to sight deterioration instead of a crutch for it. I believe he found the answer. Through  series of eye relaxing and strengthening exercises, and with the inclusion of pin hole glasses, many have seen measurable and long lasting results I just really use them to watch movies at home, and I am already noticing a huge difference. On average, I have been using them about an hour a day, at first it is difficult to focus, but after a few minute it is relatively easy.
Pin hole glasses are opaque glasses with tiny holes in them, they are generally plastic and have no prescription to them. They narrow the focus of the eye and shield from excess light, which has dual purpose. The force to focus strengthens, while the reduction of light relaxes There are addition exercises that help to heal the eyes more efficiently, like palming which is when you literally cup your hands and put those cups over your eyes, it is supposed to be a relaxing break when your eyes are faced with harsh lights over long periods of time. There is also sunning, when you close your eyes, face the sun, and slowly turn your head from one side to the other, allowing your eyes to experience both full light and full shade, this should be done in a continuous, but slow, motion for several minutes, this forces your pupils to desensitize to light and aids in focus, leading to an enhanced ‘crispness’ to your vision. Then there are exercises like focusing on something close to you, then something far, and switching back and forth, allowing your eyes to focus on that object before changing distance, over time your eyes learn to focus more quickly. Many exercises I’ve found revolve around practicing focusing the eyes.

I’m bored of writing about the boring stuff, do they work? Yes, though I am still unsure how well. I went for my eyes to be tested within 3 months of beginning to use these glasses and my eye sight has actually IMPROVED. Not significantly, but it’s a start! And I know that today I had a meeting at my work and took off my glasses because the meeting didn’t require me to see anything, just listen, so I popped off my glasses and tried to read the signs on the wall unaided. Success. I am already able to control focus of my eyes enough to read things I wasn’t previously able to. And no, I don’t squint, that leads to wrinkles, as a rule I will only get wrinkles by smiling. Also, my eyes ache considerably less when my prescription glasses are off now. They used to ache so bad without the glasses that I would even wear them for reading, which is stupid because I am near sighted. I took off my glasses a few more times today and tried reading things that I knew I couldn’t a week ago, and there were a few struggles, but I saw improvement. I would love for my eyes to focus out enough to only need glasses for driving. That would make me incredibly happy.

Get your pinhole glasses here!

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