I love garlic. Want to know how much I love garlic? On a fairly regular basis I cut a clove into small pieces, lightly crush those pieces, and pop them like a pill. 

       I got rather sick not all too long ago, not terribly serious, but enough to upset my daily life for close to a month. When I went to the doctor to seek treatment, he prescribed me a few different drugs and said it may get better on its own, or may never get better. Great diagnosis, right? Well, I am not one to take anyone’s word for anything, so I went to the Google machine and spent hours trying to find an alternative that I felt comfortable with. Garlic. 

       When garlic gets crushed, something called allicin gets exposed to air, gets all active, and does all sorts of good stuff for you when you ingest it. So, no harm in trying it. Like I said earlier, my love for garlic runs startlingly deep. I ingested garlic at night, hoping to avoid the garlic breath, and the next morning it appeared the majority of my symptoms had disappeared, but I was still cautious. I took fresh garlic every night for a week and all symptoms were gone. Not only that, but I didn’t smell of garlic. Big plus. 

      Garlic fans claim it has done a ton for them, including helping with inflammation, allergies, skin clarity, detoxification, arthritis pain, reducing size of cysts, aiding in digestion, calming stomach aches, I even read a few claims of it clearing up cancer. I have no idea if any of that is for real, I just know any time I start feeling like ass I pop garlic a few days in a row and it usually kicks it out of my system. It makes sense, boost your digestive system, you boost your immune system. And since allicin both halts the growth of bad belly bacteria and strengthens the good gut guys, garlic seems like the easiest way to achieve some great health with little effort at all. 

     I take it at night, one clove, and I’m yet to have a complaint yet. But I’m sure that if it makes me a smelly bitch, that I surround myself with just the right people to let me know real fast.  

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